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The Middle East: A Dream turned into a Nightmare
Friday, 21 November 2014 23:40

For a few months, from mid December 2010, the Middle East was going through some really earth- shattering uprisings which were called the Arab spring.  This was a series of absolutely extraordinary events, which started when a twenty-six year old peddler, Muhammad Bouazizi, in the small town Sidi Bouzid in the south of Tunis, set fire on himself on December 17, 2010 in protest against the cruelty he was receiving at the hands of the police in his city.  This act of self molestation by the poor hawker started a series of truly earth-shattering events that spread across the Middle East with stunning rapidity, resulting in very serious uprisings in many Arabian countries. The Arabs, have been fighting for their rights which have been usurped by their own leaders for a very long time.  These uprisings were essentially grassroots protests, which were led mainly by the younger generations, did not arise from thin air, they were protests against their corrupt, greedy and ignorant rulers.  But it was not to be a lasting spring, because within a very short time, the dream which has inspired the spring and made it a possibility turned into a terrible nightmare.

The Exploding Cauldron: The Iraqi Situation and the U.S.
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 23:07

I would like to apologize to my friends and colleagues who have been behind this site for the last few years, for neglecting and failing to update it during the last few weeks.  The reason for that is twofold, my bad health and the appalling situation in Iraq which was threatening to lead to its disintegration and its dismemberment into three separate and hostile mini states, all of which was the result of the short sided and selfish policies which were practiced by the ignorant and mediocre politicians who were put in place by the Americans after their invasion and occupation of the country in 2003.  The situation in the Middle East, which has been boiling for the last four years is now threatening to explode into a very serious outburst.  Just look for few minutes into the civil wars and the violence which is engulfing Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen and Iraq, which is generating an unbelievable load of death and destruction.  I am not talking about that mess today, because I want to concentrate on the situation in Iraq vis-à-vis the American involvement there, which has started a quarter of century ago, and has been from the start, naïve, callous, with an inadequate understanding of history, and the lessons which can be learned from studying it.

The Iraqi Situation: Disintegration and Ethnic Cleansing
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 18:15

Today’s update is about the last few weeks events in Iraq.  The absolutely calamitous events which started with the Islamic insurgents known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who with a sudden drive into Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, were able to subjugate it in a very short time which was described by many people as an earthquake.  They were able to fight their way northward and southward, controlling most of northern Iraq, which led to almost a complete collapse of the country’s military and a very serious deterioration in the overall situation.  The insurgents were not intimidated, on June 30, they said that they were establishing an Islamic caliphate on the territories they control in Iraq and Syria, a proclamation which harkens back to the rise of Islam when Muhammad's followers conquered vast territories and setup a state which was governed under Islamic law.  The new caliphate started to enforce in the areas they controlled especially in Mosul targeting the Christians who were before the recent war home to the largest majority of Christians in Iraq, evicting them from their homes, unless they became Muslims, pay a tribute, and those who didn’t oblige they had their heads cut.

Our World: The Implosion of Iraq and the New Caliphate
Sunday, 13 July 2014 23:56
In my last update to this blog on June 15, I said that the ill-fated invasion of Iraq by ex-president Bush and his cohorts in 2003 and its aftermath, was nothing but a terrible tragedy, but really astounding things has happened in the wake of the sectarian deterioration and renewed acts of extremely serious violence in Iraq and that is  the people whose actions led to these natural, predictable catastrophes are becoming re-invented and have been appearing onto the major television channels and op-ad pages to offer their opinions to what needs to be done instead of offering profuse apologies and the promise of penance. But I am not going back today to that very sad history, because I want  to talk about the events which followed the stunning successes of the insurgents , who with a sudden drive into Mosul, which is the second largest city in the country were able to subjugate it in a very short time and then  they started moving southward and eastward ending with controlling almost all of northern Iraq, and to celebrate their success they said on June 30 that they were establishing an Islamic caliphate on the territories they  control in Iraq and Syria, a proclamation which was replete with religious, cultural and historical symbolism, they also proclaimed their leader as caliph, which means "leader for Muslims everywhere" and demanded that all Muslims pledge allegiance to him and reject democracy and what they said was  garbage from the west.  They abandoned their early name, the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria [ISIS], and adopted a new name, the Islamic state. This declaration harkens back to the rise of Islam when the Prophet Muhammad's followers conquered vast territories in the middle Ages and setup a state which was governed under strict Islamic law, this became a dream which has been sought by many Jihadists but this caliphate with its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at its head, is very different from its forebears. Its announcement will be rejected by many Muslims, but it will be cast aside by many Muslims even if they believe in the concept of a caliphate, as perfidious, premature and blasphemous.
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