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The Hanoudi Letter: The Escalating New War
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Thursday, 26 February 2015 01:53

In my last update to this site, I said that the world is once again is in the throes of a very vicious conflict, a ferocious clash which I called in the  new war, with two major theatres, the first is in the Middle East, which is spearhead by the militant and extremely fundamentalist group, ISIS.  The name which I am going to use now, ISIS burst on the scene very recently and are dominating the news after their successes in Iraq and Syria, which allowed them to control large swathes of land in those two countries and helped them carry out some horrifying atrocities.  A situation which is creating a great backlash against them and is threatening its explosion into a much larger one, but I am also going to talk about the Ukraine crisis, the recent confrontation between the Americans and their allies in Europe, who are backing Ukraine against Russia, creating the most serious crisis between these two adversaries since the days of the cold war, a crisis which adding a lot of fuel to the already highly explosive situation in the Middle East.  I am going to start with few notes on the ISIS and its most recent atrocities.

Our World: The New World War and its Aftermath
Saturday, 24 January 2015 16:30

People all over the world were hoping that the two great wars of the twentieth century, which were real calamities, with millions of deaths and untold number of injuries, and the loss of a great deal of wealth, that those calamities would be the end of war but man is a very strange creature.  Man doesn’t seem to have learned the lessons which history provides, because in less than fifty years the world is once more plunged into a very bloody conflict.  Alas a very different brawl this time, a war, with very different origins and motivations.  It is not about borders and assets, it is a clash between ideas and modes of life which is directed at the Christian west which is run by some extremely militant, fundamentalist Islamic groups, who claim that they are fighting god’s war, [jihad ], against the Christians infidels.  A battle during which they use pretty indiscriminately every lethal weapon they have at the time, with which they have been able to deliver some very big hits to their victims, like the one they have recently engineered in France during which seventeen people were killed in several attacks which started with a massacre at the offices of the satiric Parisian newspaper, Charlie Hebdo during which 12 people including five senior editors were murdered in their office on Friday January 9.  A tragedy which shocked the whole country, and the world, a tragedy to which I will come back again shortly.  I am going to talk about the origin of these murderous organizations and some of their most famous or rather infamous members, and few of their major atrocities.

The Hanoudi letter: the year 2014
Sunday, 21 December 2014 15:12

The 2014 year, which is coming to an end, has been a very unusual year, during very unusual times.  Many incredible things happened during the last few months, like the mid-term elections in the United States which ended with the Republican Party gaining control of the Senate, which gives them the power to complicate, if not block completely, Mr. Obama’s agenda during the last two years of his presidency, which introduces another very erratic dimension to the way American politics are going to be played in the near future.  There have also been many other events, from all over the world, some very significant, like the anniversaries of the first and second world wars, others much less so, but I am not going to go into a detailed discussion of those events.  I want to concentrate on two stories which have been unfolding for most of the 2014, these are, the Ukraine crisis and the Middle East explosion, which has reached very dangerous levels, because of the bursting on the scene of the fanatic, and extremely violent group, the bunch they call themselves the Islamic State, and as I have just said I am concentrating on these two, because of the threats they to the world’s peace and security, and their potential to spill over their borders and engulf the whole world in a very serious clash and possibly war.

The Middle East: A Dream turned into a Nightmare
Friday, 21 November 2014 23:40

For a few months, from mid December 2010, the Middle East was going through some really earth- shattering uprisings which were called the Arab spring.  This was a series of absolutely extraordinary events, which started when a twenty-six year old peddler, Muhammad Bouazizi, in the small town Sidi Bouzid in the south of Tunis, set fire on himself on December 17, 2010 in protest against the cruelty he was receiving at the hands of the police in his city.  This act of self molestation by the poor hawker started a series of truly earth-shattering events that spread across the Middle East with stunning rapidity, resulting in very serious uprisings in many Arabian countries. The Arabs, have been fighting for their rights which have been usurped by their own leaders for a very long time.  These uprisings were essentially grassroots protests, which were led mainly by the younger generations, did not arise from thin air, they were protests against their corrupt, greedy and ignorant rulers.  But it was not to be a lasting spring, because within a very short time, the dream which has inspired the spring and made it a possibility turned into a terrible nightmare.

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