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Our World: America’s Foreign Policy Dilemmas
Sunday, 14 June 2015 16:59

I think that a good chunk of Americans agree that the United States has less foreign policy influence nowadays than it used to have until very recently.  Noticeably in three areas, the Middle East, North Korea and in Europe, a waning influence which is creating very real dilemmas with a great potential for generating extremely serious problems and difficulties to the country and its people.  This has been a result of its increasingly active involvement in the problems of many countries all over the world, and to make things even worse on these interference were very often based on very flawed strategies, and poorly executed.  This has resulted in an increasing loss of its credibility, and some extremely vexing foreign policy dilemmas, and no where were these dilemmas as evident as they were in the Middle East where America became increasingly politically, and militarily active  after the British left it as part of the dismantling of their four hundred years old empire.  The United States involvement which brought them nothing but trouble and misery to the people who are living there, like the last war in Iraq which brought extremely appalling tragedies and disasters in its aftermath, and encouraged the rise of very nasty and vicious militant organizations like the Islamic State.

The US and Iraq: The 12th Anniversary of the Bush War & the Future
Sunday, 19 April 2015 16:07

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 was an ill-conceived and a doomed adventure, it was based on falsehoods and deceptions, which has led to terrible disasters and trepidations to the Iraqis as well as to the Americans.  Now it is time now twelve years later to remember the lessons provided by this terrible adventure, and bring those responsible for this it to account for their actions.  In 2003 the American military on orders from president bush and his accomplices , conducted operation Iraqi freedom, to free the Iraqis from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.  After liberating the country, they would initiate a major reconstruction of the country, and the rejuvenation of its moribund institution and its infrastructure, but those were lies and deceptions, because today, 12 years after the invasion, the situation in Iraq is much worse than even under the worst days of Saddam.  It is gripped by an incredible array of very serious problems, and while the Islamic State group is featured as “the issue”, there are  major religious  and ethnic conflicts, massive poverty and crime, and many others which are shaking the country’s foundations, and to make things even more complicated.  As a result of the unfortunate adventure of the Bush administration, the United States itself is facing some very serious problems, but what defies one’s imagination is that those who perpetrated this mayhem have become either mute, or insist that the big picture justified their enterprise, and refusing to apologize, and are insisting on leaving judgment on it to history.

The Hanoudi Letter: the escalating new war; part two
Monday, 23 March 2015 01:14

This update is about the battle to free Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Hussein from the jaws of the Islamic fanatics, who call themselves the Islamic State (IS). I am talking about this battle because it is the most recent episode in the escalating new war and the dangers it is posing to the peace and security of the whole world. Tikrit, is an Iraqi city, of about a quarter of a million inhabitants, which is located a 100 mile northwest of Baghdad on the Tigris River, in the heart of the Sunni triangle. The town fell to IS militants last June, during their advance towards Baghdad, after their stunning success in subjugating the second largest city in the country, Mosul. The battle for Tikrit commenced about two weeks ago, when a 30,000 group which is made of mainly Shiite militia, a powerful Iranian crowd from the so called the Quds brigade under the command of General Qassem Suleimani, plus a smaller number of Iraqi army soldiers and very few Sunni fighters from loyal tribes, to wrest control of the city from the hands of the militants, but without the US and its allies. These strange mixtures was able during the first few days of the attack to push the militants from their positions on the outskirts of the city and forced them to aggregate into the center the town, were their guerrilla tactics forced the Iraqi forces to pause and halt their advance.

The Hanoudi Letter: The Escalating New War
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Thursday, 26 February 2015 01:53

In my last update to this site, I said that the world is once again is in the throes of a very vicious conflict, a ferocious clash which I called in the  new war, with two major theatres, the first is in the Middle East, which is spearhead by the militant and extremely fundamentalist group, ISIS.  The name which I am going to use now, ISIS burst on the scene very recently and are dominating the news after their successes in Iraq and Syria, which allowed them to control large swathes of land in those two countries and helped them carry out some horrifying atrocities.  A situation which is creating a great backlash against them and is threatening its explosion into a much larger one, but I am also going to talk about the Ukraine crisis, the recent confrontation between the Americans and their allies in Europe, who are backing Ukraine against Russia, creating the most serious crisis between these two adversaries since the days of the cold war, a crisis which adding a lot of fuel to the already highly explosive situation in the Middle East.  I am going to start with few notes on the ISIS and its most recent atrocities.

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