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In the beginning of this work, in the note which I addressed to my reader I said that I have been embarking on this mumble effort because this book is the work of those who helped realized it by their help and compassion it is theirs as much as it is mine, but  I am also telling it because it is allowing me to acknowledge my gratitude and veneration to the many friends and colleagues and very often to total strangers who on several occasions when we desperately needed help and support they leaped  with unbelievable munificence and generosity and also to my relatives and family , but  I cannot for very obvious reasons mention them all , but I am sure they know that I will never forget them, but special thanks must go to some who were so exceptional that it is inexcusable if they are not mentioned, they are:

Colonel Eric C. Schwartz, Jacki Lyden, Dr. Vian Misho, Dr. Angela Chmielewski, Dr. Paul Bove,  Dr. Bassam Barzangi and Dr Akif Alousi, Deirdre Graziole, Gail Gravenstreter and Christina Hahn.

Special thanks Also go to my extended family, to my eldest sister  Aman, to Zaid Mahfood, to Firas Behnam amongst many others who were during the years of our nightmare a source of wonderful support and desperately needed help.

And finally to my wife Firyal, to my daughter Nadia and her husband and her son Aboudi and to my son Samer, who unquestioningly gave with all their hearts and without ever complaining their time, their energies and all their love and affection to our unfortunate son.